• How to Find Dental Talent in 2020

      Lisa Philp      March 16, 2020

    Finding quality dental talent in 2020 isn’t easy. 83% of HR professionals admit that they’re struggling to fill positions due to a lack of talent, and 60% of businesses have unfilled positions that have been open for months. By 2024, there will be 58,000 dental assistant job openings, but there aren’t enough skilled people to fill those positions. Here are some tips … Continue reading How to Find Dental Talent in 2020

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  • The Management Of Your Dental Practice Could Use Some Spring Cleaning

      Lisa Philp      March 2, 2020

    With Spring around the corner, you should take advantage of your renewed energy and apply that to improving how your practice operates. Here are three simple ways you can improve your operations with no added expenses, ensuring that you turn the corner on a new season with a more optimized business. Revisit Your Office Culture Whether you … Continue reading The Management Of Your Dental Practice Could Use Some Spring Cleaning

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  • Tips to Train New Employees

      Lisa Philp      January 20, 2020

    Even if you hire experienced dental technicians, assistants, and receptionists, they are going to need some training so that they fit right into your office. In fact, their first month or two with you is very important. Training is essential if you want your employees to be engaged and willing to put in the effort … Continue reading Tips to Train New Employees

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  • 3 Signs your Practice needs Dental Coaching

      Lisa Philp      January 6, 2020

    According to Statistics Canada, nearly 75% of all Canadians visited a dental professional in the past year, and two-thirds of all residents had some form of dental insurance. With numbers such as these, you may think that dental coaching would not be necessary; however, that is not always the case. How can you tell if … Continue reading 3 Signs your Practice needs Dental Coaching

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  • The Season of Gratitude!

      Lisa Philp      October 7, 2019

    The start of Autumn kicks off the season of gratitude! It’s time to reflect on your accomplishments thus far. Take a moment to thank yourself! It’s also important to take a moment to also thank and appreciate your team for all of their hard work. Continuing with the season of gratitude, this season, thank your … Continue reading The Season of Gratitude!

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  • Recognizing National Dental Hygiene Month!

      Lisa Philp      October 1, 2019

    October is National Dental Hygiene Month! At TGNA Practice Management, we encourage you to recognize this month within your practice. Take the time to celebrate your dental hygiene team’s hard work! The recognition can provide a great opportunity for synergy, connection, and job satisfaction. Did you know we offer training for dental hygiene retention? It … Continue reading Recognizing National Dental Hygiene Month!

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  • Inspiring Change This Fall Season!

      Lisa Philp      September 9, 2019

    We love inspiring education and change! This month our team member and Team and Leadership Coach Lori, spent an afternoon working with Dr. Mark Olivito & Associates for their continuing education day! Check out their big smiles! The fall season is upon us and it’s a great time to initiate change in your dental practice! … Continue reading Inspiring Change This Fall Season!

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  • Tips for Your Dental Practice During Summer

      Lisa Philp      August 12, 2019

    Summer can be a challenging time for a dental practice. It can be a busy time because patients with kids are out of school and have more availability. Alternatively, things can also be slightly slower, as patients are away on vacation. No matter the case, we have a few tips to help your dental practice … Continue reading Tips for Your Dental Practice During Summer

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  • Team Bonding with TGNA!

      Lisa Philp      July 29, 2019

    Team bonding is an important part of any business! This month we brought our TGNA team together for a team dinner and to experience IFly! Check out the fun photos and videos from our team-bonding time together. Team building is one of the most important investments you can make, especially in your dental practice! Don’t … Continue reading Team Bonding with TGNA!

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  • Why Does Your Practice Need Dental Practice Management Coaching?

      Lisa Philp      July 15, 2019

    Dentists and their assistants can undergo years of training to master their craft. They are aware of the latest technology in their field and work to stay up-to-date with continuing education. However, many of them don’t have the sufficient expertise on how to manage their dental practice efficiently. At TGNA Dental Practice Management Solutions, we … Continue reading Why Does Your Practice Need Dental Practice Management Coaching?

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  • What Do Patients Look for in a Dental Practice?

      Lisa Philp      July 1, 2019

    The fact is that most people aren’t eager to go to the dentist. At TGNA Dental Practice Management Services, we firmly believe that dental professionals should focus on some key methods to create a better experience for their patients. Here are some of our suggestions: • Make sure your front office staff is friendly. How … Continue reading What Do Patients Look for in a Dental Practice?

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  • How to Avoid Communication Breakdowns in Your Dental Practice

      Lisa Philp      February 14, 2019

    We all know the common saying that, “communication is key”. The popular saying applies to almost every industry, and at TGNA, when it comes to dentistry – we agree! Although it can be easier said than done, let’s discuss how to avoid communication breakdowns in your dental practice. Here are three ways you can implement strong … Continue reading How to Avoid Communication Breakdowns in Your Dental Practice

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  • Learning Leadership Skills

      Lisa Philp      November 22, 2018

    Running your own dental office means, you invest more than money. You also invest your time and effort into your practice too. If you want your dental practice to succeed, you must learn how to lead, build and learn. Here at TGNA, we offer dental practitioners a chance to nurture their dental practice through our CE … Continue reading Learning Leadership Skills

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  • The Importance of Operating and Training Manuals in Dental Practice

      Lisa Philp      June 7, 2018

    Every business needs a training and operating manual to make sure that the workflow is in the right direction. The same thing goes with having a dental practice; you need to have an operating and training manual for your practice to work well. Operating and training manual helps teach dental staff to run your practice … Continue reading The Importance of Operating and Training Manuals in Dental Practice

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  • Performance Evaluation in Dental Practice

      Lisa Philp      May 10, 2018

    Should performance evaluation be part of your dental practice? A resounding yes! While providing performance evaluation can sometimes make employees or dental staff feel anxious, it is an essential part of achieving dental practice objectives, as well as attaining dental business goals. Most of the time, positive feedback from a performance evaluation can result in … Continue reading Performance Evaluation in Dental Practice

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  • Consistency is Key

      Lisa Philp      March 15, 2018

    Success is the sum of all efforts repeated day in and day out. If you want to be successful in providing excellent dental care and services to your patients, it’s important to be consistent all the time. Consistency in your dental practice has a significant impact, not just on your dental team, but also on … Continue reading Consistency is Key

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  • Team Building Improves Dental Practice

      Lisa Philp      February 26, 2018

    “No man is an Island” – this famous quote directly applies to the field of dentistry. A successful dental practice needs an empowered team and vice versa. Without a team, a dentist can’t provide the best dental services to his or her patients. Keeping your dental team well informed on every aspect of your dental … Continue reading Team Building Improves Dental Practice

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  • The Right Hire For Your Dental Office

      Lisa Philp      November 23, 2017

    Last year, more than forty percent of business owners in Canada reported bad hires that had cost them upwards of twenty-five thousand dollars over the course of employment and through the replacement process. Bad hires come in all shapes and sizes. Some make false claims on their resumes and are just not qualified for the … Continue reading The Right Hire For Your Dental Office

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  • Time to Celebrate: TGNA Open House!

      Lisa Philp      September 25, 2017

    We are thrilled to have you join us for our Open House on October 3rd from 5pm – 8pm! Come celebrate with us the new beginnings of both our new TGNA home office and the opening our of our training centre. TGNA (Transitions Group North America) mission is to “change the face of dentistry, one … Continue reading Time to Celebrate: TGNA Open House!

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  • Office Manager Check!

      Lisa Philp      September 11, 2017

    Keeping your team focused and motivated can be a full time job! So how do we stay on top of the focus and motivation while keeping a practice running? Start with your office manager! There are a few things you can have your office manager review in order to help the practice run effectively. Performance … Continue reading Office Manager Check!

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  • Busy vs. Productive?

      Lisa Philp      August 14, 2017

    It seems like the day goes by so quickly and there are just not enough hours to get things done! Have you asked yourself, are you and your team productive or just busy? Some people don’t realize the difference! Using your time wisely can be tricky. It requires you to prioritize your goals, analyze your … Continue reading Busy vs. Productive?

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  • Plan for a Successful Fall Season!

      Lisa Philp      August 3, 2017

    With the start of August, there is only one month left of summer. This means, fall is just around the corner! The summer season tends to be a quieter time for dental offices. Patients are on vacation or may be occupied with summer plans. Dental appointments may not necessarily be top of mind! If you are … Continue reading Plan for a Successful Fall Season!

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  • Meaningful Meetings

      Lisa Philp      July 13, 2017

    Is your dental practice suffering from poorly conducted meetings? Some dental practices don’t conduct meetings at all – and when they do it can be a waste of time. Poorly organized meetings easily turn into long sessions of juggling topics. Not knowing how to run successful staff meetings can have serious consequences on the health … Continue reading Meaningful Meetings

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      Lisa Philp      March 6, 2017

    If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to make it to the top in dentistry? To be one of those dentists who has it all – strong leadership presence, a high performing team, financial freedom, solid patient relationships, an exciting career, boundless enthusiasm and maintained energy over decades.

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      Lisa Philp      

    Leadership is an INSIDE job… Leadership is not simply something you do with a set of tools of the trade; it is an expression of who we are as a person. Our influence arises from your intrinsic character traits, beliefs, and behaviors that make us who we are and how we behave.

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      Lisa Philp      

    The dentist leader challenge encompass many demands and they must wear many different “hats:” The Owner, the Team Leader, operational director, technical service provider and the key revenue generator. How can it all be balanced out so the burden of the practice doesn’t fall on just one person?

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      Lisa Philp      

    At our coaching company for dental professionals, we frequently hear a common complaint from dentist/owners about their major stresses: staff relations, management problems and team and individual performance.

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