Blended Learning – Taking E-Learning to the Next Level

February 8, 2021by Lisa Philip

Tuesday greetings to our Transitions Family Members! Tuesdays with Transitions has been on the sidelines for awhile. Since our last Tuesday with Transitions release, we’ve been busy helping dentistry navigate the myriad changes to the profession. In the process, there have been significant wins. Foremost is dentistry’s evolution into a recognized Essential Service. Dentistry’s resilience has been proven due largely to the profession’s commitment to adapt to ensure safe delivery of services, even during a Pandemic. It’s a tremendous achievement and one in which we should all take great pride in.

During this time, Transitions has also had to adapt to the new reality. We’ve adapted with new programs such as the Covid Cycle of Care Contactless Patient Experience. We’re proud that this program became, for many, their playbook to re-opening their businesses. With our Pandemic Proof Program, we’ve developed a customized coaching program to deliver pre-Covid revenue levels to our Tribe. We’ve re-tooled our coaching delivery systems to permit safe, effective delivery of coaching services in a virtual format, while maintaining quality, and team engagement.

Our most significant adjustment is the recent launch of our Learning Platform – Transitions University Dental Essentials. This fully remote learning solution permits leaders and team members to stay committed to professional development from the comfort of their own home or practice. Remote training and workplace platforms are becoming the new norm, and more employees are choosing learning and development via e learning and distance training to adapt to our ever-changing environment.

Remote employee training is here to stay. Not all remote training is created equal. Optimal adult learning systems combine online tools with live coaching support. This Blended Learning approach ensures a heightened sense of accountability on behalf of the learner, improves retention, and provides the critical element of expert coaching support, improving learning outcomes.

Elements of Blended Learning:

E-Learning Courses

E-Learning refers to the use of digital technologies to deliver complete learning programs consisting of organized courses of content and knowledge with clear learning objectives. Material is supported with quizzes and retention tracking of each learner providing instant feedback on what was missed or where they excel. Courses are organized with consistent asthetics to optimize student focus and concentration. Optimal E-Learning Course duration is 45-60 minutes for adult learners. Transitions University E-Learning Courses have been designed to check all these boxes!

Coaching Support

What differentiates Blended Learning from E-Learning is the role of Coach supported training of the content learned. This ensures that all E-Learning content can be fully placed in context, creates a sense of urgency and accountability on the part of the learner, and permits an opportunity for the learner to have their questions addressed. It also permits the Coach to build upon the foundation that was created during the E-Learning session, provides opportunities for a deeper understanding of the subject matter and it’s significance, reinforcement of the content, and application of the learning in the workplace.

A Blended Learning approach is ideally suited for adult learners following complex learning programs, who need to repeatedly apply the things they’ve learned in their work environment. A perfect solution for Dental Team members!

For more information on Transitions University Dental Essentials, visit this link or contact us with questions at 1-800-345-5157.

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