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January 29, 2018by Lisa Philip

Leadership isn’t just what leaders do; it is instead innate to who they are.

Genuine leadership encompasses honesty, integrity and trust-trust built on truth-telling, keeping one’s word, getting feedback on one’s personal behavior and ensuring consistency with one’s states values. That’s how you get others to follow the course you chart.

What are the traits that any person can develop in themselves to become a great leader?

Clarity of focus:

Distinguished leaders exude certainty when faced when three elemental questions:

Where am I going? (My vision for the future) What do I truly believe? (My dearest principles &values) And even Why do I exist? (My larger mission in life)

This all sounds a bit airy-fairy, sure, but answers to these questions are crucial for true self-awareness.

Courage to grow:

It’s very easy to stick with what’s comfortable. But those old ways can also lead to complacent stagnation, thereby stunting one’s progress. Lasting security comes only from change, from learning new abilities in order to adapt as needed. You can’t steal second base with your back foot still on first.

Abiding commitment:

Successful people get energized by their love for what they do because it brings them ever closer to who they are. They overcome apathy and cynicism in the service of a sense of personal discipline that will help them and others in their orbit, achieve their dreams.

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