A Key Factor in a Successful Dental Practice

May 24, 2018by Lisa Philip

Dentists are not just practitioners that help patients maintain their oral health. They can also be a leader, a follower, a negotiator, a teacher, a coach, a mentor, a family member and of course a communicator!

Communication is an essential factor that affects a dental practice. Every day you talk with your patients, dental staff, and other dental practitioners (through referrals). Learning the art of communication will help your dental practice grow and move toward success. Therefore, you should know how to communicate properly with your patients and dental staff.

To accomplish this as a dentist, you should clearly communicate a specific mission and vision to guide your team. Specific and clear objectives are necessary to establish strategies and implement goals. A written document or a digital copy of a mission and vision statement should be the foundation of your dental practice. Each of your staff should abide by your dental mission and vision. Remember that having one goal for the entire team creates a synergy and harmony in the dental office, which helps to bring positive results. Another strong form of communication can be achieved through daily huddles or morning meetings. This helps set the tone for the day and understand short-term goals too.

Communication is not just for staff but also when dealing with patients. Learn how to empathize and put yourself in the shoes of your patients. When you do this, you prevent any harsh and biased comments toward your patients, especially when discussing dental conditions and treatments.

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Lisa Philip