It has been several weeks that your team members have been stuck at home in isolation. Now is the time to make the most out of this downtime! Utilizing your Transitions Coach and Virtual Training can help you achieve your future practice goals to re-build.

Your team members have time on their hands. Many of them can’t complete their usual job responsibilities. Virtual training can help keep their skills and minds stay sharp, make them feel productive, and help them make career gains — all at the same time!

Access a variety of benefits and offerings a coach will provide and maximize this downtime to work on your practice and prepare for the future.

Here are some of the benefits and tips on maximizing isolation using training and a coach:

  1. Save on travel expenses while achieving learning outcomes.
  2. Eliminates the LOSS of production from downtime, resulting from training on-site.
  3. Virtual coaching alleviates team member concern about virus spread in a “classroom setting”.
  4. Create a plan to catch up on projects that you never had time for before.
  5. Earn required CE hours with our Virtual Modules, while people have the time and ability to focus.
  6. Organize and prepare for your ‘Return to Dentistry Strategy’.
  7. Create a role and a schedule for the retained team members on-site.
  8. Take advantage of the opportunity to stay connected and stimulate your team while in isolation.
  9. Physical distancing and isolation do not mean a lack of social connection.
  10. One-on-one sessions with team members are essential.
  11. Department meetings for Admin and Hygiene can be done virtually.
  12. Use the Transitions COVID-19 Survival Guide to review with your team and allocate members to contribute.

It’s not just about doing something or anything, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. It’s about advancing your BUSINESS GOALS. You’ve got short-term goals, even in the midst of the crisis. You’ve got long-term goals that you’re still focusing on. Your coach can help keep you ON TRACK to meet those goals.

You’re not alone–and you don’t have to deal with this crisis on your own, either! Reach out to us today, so we can start coaching your business as you work toward making the BEST of the current situation.

Schedule a Virtual Coaching Session, as this is time you will never get back. Pictured in today’s photo is one of our coaches who is leading a virtual coaching session with one of our clients!

Click here for a list of our Transitions experts and coaches that are here to help your team.

Dentistry will be back!

– Lisa Philp