After a wonderful holiday season with our loved ones, our team is officially back in our office! Prior to the break, we took some time to ask the Transitions team to share some of their learnings and observations from the past 12 months. As we move into 2021, we want to take a moment to reflect on these “Silver Lining Lessons” from 2020.

Global disruptions, whether man-made or natural connect us all despite the differences and distance
– We all battle a similar economic impact and suffer from a halted, corrupt or a lack of supply chain, trades, communications, technology, and travel.

We are all susceptible to Covid and in the same boat
– Regardless of our age, gender, religion, culture, customs, beliefs, or economic status. The virus does not choose or discriminate and binds us in equality with the risk of infecting us all.

There is kindness in humanity, even in darkness
– Acts of kindness with people shopping locally, restaurants donating food to first responders, volunteers bringing groceries to the elderly, dental auxiliary sewing gowns during shut down, drive by birthday celebrations, dentistry sharing desperately needed PPE.

Dentistry is NOW an essential service of healthcare
– It was not forced to shut down in the second wave because of the importance it plays in the overall health and wellness.

The dental office is safe and has extremely LOW RISK
– No historical records of a virus spread or disease transmission with the standards of IPAC, COVID screenings, staff training, militant sterilization, PPE and air filtration is safe.

Leadership is the common thread in every successful RECOVERY dental story
– Today, the practices thriving and re building to be Pandemic proof are ones with leaders who were proactive, remained calm and maximized their isolation time were able to recover from the pandemic. They learned and contributed to their communities. In addition to staying connected to their teams, experts, coaches and resources, these leaders are seeing the rewards in their rebuild phase.

Teams (employees) now more than ever, crave direction
– The changes to the way we practice now mandates a need for clear and simple systems that teams can follow to make them feel safe at work. They want to know what to do and what is expected of them with training.

Coaching is needed in time of crisis to stay objective and push forward recovery and rebuilding
– Our family members who stayed the course with us and “invested in themselves, as their most predictable asset” are well on their way or already SURPASSED pre-COVID-19 performance. They will keep growing regardless of the pandemic.

People are adaptive and will adjust
– They can handle extraordinary change to their routines by finding creative ways to retool to meet their own needs. While being resilient to overcome the strong emotions that occur with detachment from ‘how we used to be and letting go of our old ways and accept things will never go back to how they USED to be.

There is no such thing as too much or too many messages for patient communication
– From daily, weekly, or monthly messages, every time there is a media announcement, it is important to reach out so that patients know and “understand” our commitment to their safety. It is up to us to instill confidence in them to attend dental appointments.

Automate for efficiency with dental practice management systems
– In order to be efficient, now is the time to use the vast array of automation tools available to dentistry. A virtual ownership and metric dashboard such as Zebra with real time operations for owner and managers can make all the difference. In addition, explore Transitions University e-learning courses for training, X- Care app for COVID screening and tracking, Recall max software to automate confirmation and reminders as well as overdue recalls. There are also programs to move from paper to digital charts, using software charting or a voice activated system. such as Smart Chart. Software such as Sterilwize can automate the process of sterilization. Lastly, there are Teledentistry platforms to conduct virtual consults – making us all much more productive and efficient with our time.

Perseverance is fueled by intention and daily FOCUS
– We need to plan our time for what is the most important. Ending each day with a measurement and reflection on the outcome of wins, progress and challenges can dictate energy for the next day.

Life is precious. Be grateful for what we do have
– Gratitude for the small things will increase happiness and plays an important role in people’s feeling of loneliness and social bonding. Being grateful for our health, friends, having a job, a place to call home with food in our fridge to feed our family.

At the end of the day, COVID-19 put us all in the same boat. However, thanks to the eagerness and resilience of the dental community, dentistry has prevailed.

Let us know what your Silver Lining Lessons looked like in 2020! Leave a comment below!