Darlene Giese

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Darlene Giese

Analytical Coach

Darlene builds relationships with the dental teams she works with to help them achieve success. Darlene’s strength as a strategic thinker enables her to sort through the challenges of a dental practice and create a strategic plan to achieve the future they deserve.

Darlene’s instinctive gift is recognizing the individualism of each team member and working with their special gifts. Meeting each day with positivity and, of course, a sense of humor is something Darlene sees as a necessity. Intuitively, Darlene is able to relate to the many wonderful people she works with; seeing their challenges through their eyes; and understanding their goals.

Darlene is living her passion as an Analytical Coach with Transitions Group North America. Working with her resources and gathering information of the 44 systems of a dental practice, she makes it her mission to provide a successful business plan to every practice. It is the different challenges, demographics and visions of every individual practice that allows her ability to initiate change shine. Providing the path for transition and success is her ultimate passion.

Darlene’s friendly and open manner shows her enthusiasm on a daily basis and empowers the people around her to recognize their individual strengths. One of her greatest rewards is forming long-lasting friendships with the people she works with.

Along with her professional career, Darlene finds balance in her life with her two wonderful children Connor & Madison. Traveling to fun destinations; a favorite being Disney, is one of her favorite moments with her family. Although she loves the wonderful places she visits as a coach; it is returning home that is always her happiest moment.

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